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  1. I am new here and am gathering materials to teach my 2-3 year olds Number Sense specifically regarding counting and numeral recognition.

  2. In the program where I am employed (6 weeks – 3 years), we have calculated low literacy scores among boys. At the toddler age, it is still hard for many of the boys to sit still for books/literacy activities. I have been reminded through these lessons that math and literacy go hand in hand. While I am introducing a math activity, like playing with cars — sorting, measuring distance traveled, pattern parking — I can certainly incorporate math and all vocabulary, as well as find resources that match books with such interests and activities. A great resource!

    • YES! These connections cannot be ignored. Keep working the vocabulary angle through genuine and engaging conversation and you will see language skills become to blossom. Keep doing great work.

  3. We are being more intentional in our implementation of math during out daily routines with the children. This course is enabling me to become more knowledgeable and capable of articulating what we do and how we do it…and why. Most of the children in our classrooms did very well in the literacy component in the Options for Knowledge CPS Schools testing for them to go to a selective kindergarten school but, in math the scores were poor and this course is helping me to help teachers understand math for toddlers and preschool children. Our goal is for their scores to increase and for them to get 85% in math: a basic requirement for those who want their child to go to a special school and to empower all of our children.

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