5 thoughts on “About the Afternoon Snack

  1. Is amazing how a simple snack can impact if we use math concept with them, a simple snack can be useful, like for example if we serve animals crackers, they can count them, like how many crackers they have in their bowl, how many lions they have, how many tigers, elephants and so on. and also shapes, liquid, for example if they want more water, it is measurement, It is amazing all the resources you provides to us, thank you this course is great.

  2. @ Debbie- We are so happy to hear about the math kit. We are hoping that the recipients are enjoying the materials. Let us know how the apple activities go. We’d love to hear about it. Enjoy!

  3. We are planning apple activities all day, counting them, what colors, and even
    an apple snack.
    The math kit has become a great hit here in my daycare home. All my kids love it, they really love counting and measuring.

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